tourist for a day.

It started when I was driving west down Gladstone street in southeast Portland and I could see the west hills and I was hit, like first falling in love, with how beautiful this city is.

I took a picture and realized it really wasn’t that amazing.

But then I thought: what if I spent my work day pretending I am brand new to the city?

I had such a fun day! I typically do a lot of driving to various properties around inner southeast and today was no exception. Often I get bored, but today I was delighted! Every time I had to head out was another opportunity to see more of this beautiful city: community gardens, old buildings, interesting signs. Of course I can’t really see the city for the first time, but I was able to view it with fresh eyes and it definitely made my work day go by quickly! (If you look closely you will see reflection bouncing back in many of these pictures. That’s because some were taken from my car…)

when you are a tourist even the side of an old building can be exciting!

Hinson looking eery.

Tip top!

For the 9 yards picture I was walking to a property off of Burnside & I was so entranced that I didn’t realize that a UPS man was trying to walk by while I took the picture. Just like a true tourist!

(Thought that was going through my head: “I wonder if he thinks I’m a tourist”.)

(all pictures were taken with my iPhone 4S)


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