social hermitage.

I think I must have been in college when I read this by Richard Lovelace, a poet in the 17th century . It includes the lines:

Stone Walls do not a Prison make,
   Nor Iron bars a Cage;
Minds innocent and quiet take
   That for an Hermitage.
(My friend Stephanie and I  already had a fake band that we started when we were teenagers called “The Social Hermits”) and when I read this I remember how my heart skipped a beat. Hermitage. Something in those four lines captured me. Even though this poem (To Althea, from Prison) has nothing to do with being a social hermit and I grew to love the poem on the merit of it’s worth, at the time I was obsessed with the word hermitage. This evolved into “social hermitage”, meaning that, on days when you need to be by yourself, but not in solitude, you could go on a social hermitage.
Today was a social hermitage for me. Trev had a ton of homework (he worked on it for 11 hours) and sent my off on a mission to buy shoes & a latte for myself. What girl would refuse that?
The day already started out right because I got a hair cut yesterday.
Then, I decided to infuse vodka with basil for tomorrow’s Easter feast at the Whitaker’s.
I took colt to the park.
I went shopping & I wandered around downtown people watching.
I bought shoes (which I’m returning because they didn’t quite work out for me).
I came home.
I started baking hot cross buns.
I spent some time meditating on Easter. In Christian faith it’s the day that Jesus conquered death, sin, pain & suffering. I have been reading passages in John from the week before Jesus’ execution. (I really like reading the Message version, especially when I’m imagining what was taking place.)
I tried the basil vodka and it was delicious so I started infusing some tequila with cilantro. (I’ve had this booze sitting in a cupboard for over two years & I’m excited to finally do something fun with it!).
When Trev was done with school we went for a bike ride. Someone honked at me because I wasn’t following traffic rules (on accident). It made me grumpy. Mostly because I was embarrassed. I don’t have a picture of that.
All in all, a great social hermitage day.

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