what it’s like

It’s like when your morning alarm goes off and calls you out of your dream world. But for a few moments — they mix and your alarm is in your dream and your dream welcomes it and creates a story around it.

That’s what poetry and beautiful writing is like to me: I’m stuck in my world but I can hear the music from the other world.

“For it’s neither the fall nor the coming to in spring —

neither shrug of the shoulders nor sudden foray

down that boring ‘little road of the King’–

but something else that makes me wary:

how I throw off the snowy sheet and icy quilt

made of feathers from some flock 

of Otherworldly birds, how readily I am beguiled

by a sunny smile, how he offers me a wing”

“I Fall in Love” by Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill

(Original Irish translated by Paul Muldoon)


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